Synchronizované plávanie

Aquabella girls

Welcome to a page bringing you a new way of entertainment for parties, meeting and seasonal openings of any swimming pools, outdoor pools, aquaparks or any other water surfaces.Allarove s medailami


Info: Water park openings, company events, private pool party, or any event at a pool, water or anything you can swim in, than we have the special offer. is a synchronized swimming performance (solo or duet) or even a group o girls, starting from 3.


Offer: We do perform in any kind of swimmable water, size and depth influences our swimming, but can not be a restriction. The whole performance can constists of more songs (3 to 5 minutes each).


Technical: We have our own sound device for parties up to 50 guests, including a submarine speaker, but all of our equipment can be connected to a standard DJ or a music group sound system.


Extra: Upon agreement we can perform a choreography to any given music – for theme events, commercials or other programmes with a certain line of music or theme.


Synchronised swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers (either individuals, duets, teams or combos) performing a synchronised routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.


Synchronised swimming demands advanced water skills, and requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater.


Olympic and World Championship competition is not open to men, but other international and national competitions allow male competitors. Both USA Synchro and Synchro Canada allow men to compete with women.


Competitors show off their strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance required to perform difficult routines. Swimmers perform two routines for the judges, one technical and one free. Synchronised swimming is governed internationally by FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation).